Máncora- Piura  
Mancora Beach Resort
187 km / 116 miles from Piura (2 hours by car) at kilometer marker 1164 of the Pan-American Highway North
Because of the warm water and radiant weather, this resort is considered to be one of the most important on the Peruvian coast. The waves make for perfect surfing and body boarding. The beach, located between the Fernandez (Mancora) and Cunulsa Breakers, is wide and features small wells depending on the amount of sea water infiltrating the area. Mancora has hostels, restaurants, surf shops, and handicraft stores.


The weather is semi-tropical, dry with sunshine all year round. The chance of rain is very small. In the Winter (June - August) the daily temperatures are in the high 20's (centigrade). During the Summer months (January - March) the avergae daily temperatures are in the high 30's (centigrade). However temperatures can feel a little cooler due to the coastal breezes which can often be quite strong in the afternoons.

Getting there and away:

By Air: the two nearest airports to Mancora are Tumbes and Piura. There are daily flight between Lima and Tumbes (flight time 1hr 30mins) with TANS. Flights tend to leave Lima at about 5pm in the afternoon. Flights from Tumbes to Lima depart at about 7pm and fly back to Lima via Piura (total time about 2hrs). From Tumbes airport you can easily find taxis to take you directly to Mancora (1hr 30mins approximate cost US$30-35). You could try and find other passengers travelling to Mancora to help reduce the cost. Alternatively you could stay the night in Tumbes and take a local bus to Mancora.

The are 2 daily flights between Lima and Piura. The most direct flight is with Lan Peru (flight time 1hr). TANS have flights to Piura but via Tumbes first (flight time about 2 hrs). From Piura you can take a taxi to Mancora (2 hrs 30mins approximate price US$40-50). There are also several collectivos (shared taxis) and some local buses which should considerably reduce the cost.

By Bus: There are several bus companies that operate the route Lima to Mancora. Most buses depart Lima at about 4:30pm and arrive in Mancora the following morning at about 10:30am. Recommended companies are Ormeno and Cruz del Sur. Buses depart Mancora at about 5pm and arrive back in Lima for about 11am.


Province of Talara

Los Organos Beach
175 km / 109 miles north of Piura (2 hours by car) at kilometer marker 1152 of the Pan-American Highway North
This large, wide beach is located at the foot of the Peña Mala hill. There are small groves of carob trees and a dock for the professional fishermen.

Barro Pool
Northeast of Mancora (30 minutes by motorcycle-taxi, 2 hours by horse, 1 hour by bicycle, or 4 hours on foot)
A natural, hot water pool that has curative properties.

The Fernandez Breaker Pillars
West of the Barro Pool (1 hour and 30 minutes on foot from the village of Fernandez)
It contains three natural swimming pools, separated by small water falls. The place is popular with camping and nature lovers.

Cabo Blanco Beach
3 km / 2 miles from the District of El Alto (5 minutes by car) and 153 km / 95 miles north of Piura (2 hours and 15 minutes by car)
It is considered a marine paradise thanks to the wealth of plankton that feed a variety of fish, among these being the sword fish and the marlin. It is ideal for fishing, scuba diving, and surfing.

Punta Balcones
1 km / 0,6 miles from the city of Negritos, passing the San Pedro fishermen’s cove
This is a crescent shaped beach with crystal clear water and excellent waves just right for water sports like surfing and fishing. It is the home to fur seals of all sizes who make their dens in the rocks.

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